The Morning of Shoot

Please bathe your newborn about an hour or two before your session. A nice warm 5-10 minute bath should wake them. Try and keep your baby awake for the hour before the session, typically the bath does the work for you! Please dress baby in just a onesie/button or zip up pjs. This will keep us from agitating baby too much if they arrive asleep by not having to undress them.


Try to hold off feeding time until RIGHT BEFORE YOU LEAVE for your session or as soon as you arrive in the studio. If you are breast feeding, please be prepared to feed on demand during your session until baby has gotten his/her fill. If bottle feeding, be sure to bring extra formula or pumped milk. Newborns tend to be more hungry during their session, think of this as basically a workout for them! They are going to want extra calories.


Please bring a pacifier. The pacifier will help soothe your baby into positions if needed. If you are not comfortable using it that is also completely okay! But I do highly suggest one. If you forgot one, I do always keep an unopened new pack on pacifiers on hand.

Please bring all the things you would need in your babies diaper bag. I provide the cute setups, you provide the cute babies with the essentials!

Family Portion

Parents and sibling shots are typically taken first. We recommend wearing solid neutral colors, especially grey, tan, cream, baby pink/blue. Older siblings can wear a light colored shirt to match the gender of the baby or solid neutral colors. Try to avoid busy patterns or graphics.

Dads or grandparents may bring siblings separate from mom and leave early. The shoot could last anywhere from 1-2 hours. I totally understand if big brother/sister need to leave early!

If you follow these instructions on preparing your baby we will most likely have a successful shoot. But remember, we are at the mercy of your precious little one, so do not be overwhelmed if your baby is cranky or will not “cooperate”. We will still capture many amazing photos you will cherish for a lifetime!

Newborn Style Poses

Pick your top THREE favorites before your session!

Side-laying pose

Belly pose

All the tiny details (hands, feet, eye lashes, etc.)

Sleepy Caps for boys

Natural, NON-posed

Personalized items incorporated

Bonnets & Teddy Bears

Bowl Poses

BOHO Vibes

Cute outfits & matching hats or bows

Baby in a bed

Head-on-hands pose

Back-lit baby

Back-lit parents/siblings with baby

Family on white backdrop

Family on bed

OTHER - please let me know if there is a specific picture you would like to me do for you!

Side laying table pose
Belly Table pose
Tiny details
Sleepy Hats for boys
Relaxed, dressed & non-posed
Personalized items
Cute outfits
Baby in a bed
Back-lit baby
Back-lit poses with parents
Family on white backdrop
Family on bed